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Terrie MacNicol
Jeff Stoner
Collaboration and Teamwork

4 Forty-Four Concepts is an expression of the vision and values of founder Terrie MacNicol, joined and supported by her life partner Jeff Stoner. Terrie’s background is in creative design, print and online publishing, digital multi-media and web development, while Jeff’s is in education and corporate business. Jeff and Terrie are committed to helping organizations and individuals achieve prosperity on the internet, while promoting human- and earth-friendliness in the process.

“I see prosperity as aligning your purpose and passion with your actions in order to create success on all levels--in your life, your career, or your organization,” says Terrie. “That includes, for example, wealth, health, relationships and balance.”

“An ideal client for 4 Forty-Four Concepts,” adds Jeff, “is an individual or organization desiring to make a difference in the world, while prospering as well—financially and otherwise. You might say we offer internet solutions ‘from the heart’ to people and organizations ‘with a heart’.”   

Terrie MacNicol

Terrie’s broad experience in Internet solutions includes 11 years at the Michigan Education Association (MEA), where she supports the efforts of educators and schools throughout the state. Terrie redesigned the 500+ page MEA website to make it more user-friendly for members and to increase its multi-media and interactive capacity. In addition, Terrie manages the social media programs at MEA, including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flicker. She has used these social media applications in a variety of marketing campaigns that significantly increased public awareness and membership engagement. Finally, Terrie has produced several award-winning promotional and educational DVD’s.

In addition to her work at MEA, Terrie has helped many individuals and organizations design and market their brand identity. She has also developed and launched numerous websites, both small and large, that promote products and services in areas such as holistic health and natural health and beauty for women. Terrie’s passion and vision include helping non-profit organizations successfully promote their cause, using appropriate internet solutions, especially social media technologies.

For more information on Terrie's experience and career accomplishments, please visit her online resume.


Jeff Stoner

Jeff, who is responsible for business operations and development (plus ‘grunt work’) at 4 Forty-Four Concepts, left a successful corporate career in 2004. His last position was vice president at a multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company headquartered in metro-Detroit. Jeff holds an MBA degree from Michigan State University and bachelors degrees from the University of Michigan in Economics and from the University of Kentucky in secondary education. A former high school English and journalism teacher, Jeff continues to pursue his lifelong passion for education and personal growth by serving on the advisory board of several organizations dedicated to inspiring creativity and improved learning, espeically among youth.



Collaboration and Teamwork

Both Terrie and Jeff believe strongly in the value of collaboration and teamwork to accomplish a client project faster and with the highest possible level of expertise. Therefore, 4 Forty-Four Concepts is always interested in like-minded persons or organizations who would like to join a ‘virtual team’ capable of successfully delivering internet solutions that make a difference in our world. If you are interested in being on such a team, Contact Us

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